Porto club Baska is a stylish lounge bar located on unique Vela beach, one of the most beautiful beaches on Adriatic coast.

The best flamenco guitarist around

David SavčićDavid Savcic, born in Rijeka, Croatia. He is flamenco guitarist who played extensively throughout ex-Yugoslavia. He then moved to the UK and has become a 16 year veteran of the London music scene where he performed at the Soho Jazz festival. He also was the touring guitarist for the well known violinist Vanessa Mae and they appeared in concert with the Berlin philharmonic and Slovakian Symphony Orchestra. David later worked as a recording studio musician and recorded a few houndred pop songs and during that period was teaching flamenco guitar at the Spanish Guitar Centre, where among his students was the singer and guitarist of Pink Floyd, David Gilmour. In 1998. he signed the contract with one of the world’s leading music companies, EMI Music Publishing. For EMI he composed music for documentaries for National Geographic, BBC, the Travel Channel, etc., movies, commercial jingles and some performer's. His newly success is song "Fiesta Sevillana" for the soundtrack of the movie "From Paris with Love" with John Travolta, 2010. In 2006. he returned to Rijeka, where he is based at the moment.